Clubbing in Vancouver

Clubbing in Vancouver is possible, Vancouver is a city plenty of fun! Check this post out if you want information about the best downtown’s nightclubs and bars where to go dancing, and have a good time! Read more

Christmas holidays recipe: Tourtière.

The tourtière, also known as cipâte is a typical Christmas dish from Quebec. This meat pie is for many people “La Creme de la Creme” of the meat pies, and… What better time than Christmas Holidays/ New Year’s Eve to cook it! Read more

Whistler Adventure School – Diploma in Ski/Snowboard Guide, Bike Guide, Rock Guide, Alpine Guide, or Adventure Tourism Winter

If your dream job is working as a Ski/Snowboard Guide, Bike Guide, Rock Guide or Alpine Guide, you’re lucky!

Whistler Adventure School (WAS) gives you the opportunity of graduating in your passion while enjoying Whistler’ natural environment. Read more

HALLOWEEN – What’s the origin of this popular holiday?

Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve, Hallowe’en, All Saints’ Eve, Samhain … In this post, we’ll tell you the origin of this popular holiday. Read more

2-year Diploma in Hospitality Management at SELC Career College Vancouver.

The hospitality management program of Selc Career College will be your open door to the global hospitality industry. Read more

Parks in Vancouver

This post shows a list of the parks located in Downtown Vancouver and its surroundings. So you won’t miss any of them! Read more

Co-op Diploma in International Trade at Arbutus College Vancouver.

The Co-op Diploma in International Trade of Arbutus College forms students in a theoretical and practical way. The main subjects are international business management, international trade, finance, segmentation and analysis of international markets, international forecasting and strategic planning. Read more

Brunch you have to try in Vancouver, BC.

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What to visit in Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is a large island in the Pacific Ocean that attracts tourists from all over the world for its beautiful landscapes and nature. Read more