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Following July 10th, UVANU organizes the 8th #EFC Canada at Vancouver Public Library, 3rd in Vancouver which is one of the most important educational fairs in Canada.
Having noticed a shift of interest that most international students are seeking for English pathway programs that lead entrance to a college or university in Canada such as Diploma, Associate of Arts Degree, Degree and Master programs which will eventually lead them to be eligible for up to 3 years of Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) as well as vocational career programs and further immigration options.
We would like to specially thank University Canada West as ‪#‎EFC‬ gold sponsorship as well as Club ESL, EC Vancouver, Global College, Ili Canada and Kaplan International English – Vancouver for their big support to #EFC as part of silver sponsorship.
Don’t miss this great opportunity! YOUR FUTURE IS HERE!
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