Britannia College

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Britannia College  at this school, they will work with you to make you feel more confident when speaking English. Their goal is to make sure that you’re able to engage native English speakers in regular conversations.

At Britannia College, they have created a communications program that focuses on the basics of speaking in order to help you achieve your English goals. Classes that teach you accuracy, fluency, vocabulary and pronunciation have all been designed with one goal in mind ? to make you the best English speaker you can be! ?With all these classes working together, the students will find their speaking skills improving much more quickly than they ever imagined.

The most important advice that they can give you is this: the more you put into the school, the more you’ll get out of it. If there’s something you want to learn, tell us. If you’re interested in the subject and want to study that area of vocabulary, we’re happy to do so. We have created many different kinds of homework assignments, such as reading and comprehension work, writing practice, and speaking practice, so that you can do work every day to get your English to a higher level of fluency.

Always remember that sometimes the best classroom is the city of Vancouver. Don’t be afraid to use your English outside the school as often as you can. The more you speak English, the better your English will be. If you can make English a necessity and always make yourself have to speak it, you will find yourself becoming more and more confident every day. That’s the first step on the road to fluency!

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