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    473 West Hastings St. Vancouver BC, V6B 1L4

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Cambridge Western Academy  (CWA) based in Vancouver, Canada, is a post-secondary education institute focused on providing high quality English language courses.

The school is conveniently located in the downtown area of Vancouver, minutes away from world-class shopping, dining and recreation.

The campus is easily accessible by all forms of public transport. In addition to being conveniently located, CWA is equipped with modern style classrooms, library resources, student recreational areas including kitchen facilities and computer labs with free access to internet and email.

CWA regularly organizes extra activities outside of class, which give students the opportunity to discover some of Vancouver’s most beautiful places.

Cambridge Western Academy is the premier place to study, make new friends and immerse yourself in all that Vancouver has to offer. The Academy boasts an industry-leading curriculum, high academic standards, innovative instruction and dynamic, dedicated staff. The building is a spacious two-level facility, located in the famous Heritage District of Gastown in the heart of Vancouver’s city center. There is easy access to all public transportation, shopping, tourist and entertainment attractions.

Cambridge Western Academy has a comprehensive, student-centred approach with a strict English-only policy to ensure that students are fully immersed in an English speaking environment. A prominent feature of the Academy is our spacious student lounge which allows students to socialize and relax outside of their class times. The lounge is equipped with high-speed computers, a pingpong table, projector for movies and presentations, vending machines, kitchen facilities, and a variety of games.

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