Douglas College was founded in 1970, Douglas is a post-secondary institution near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We have major campuses in New Westminster and Coquitlam. We also have a Training Centre in Surrey.
Douglas offers Bachelor’s degrees and general university arts and science courses, as well as career programs in health care, human services (Child, Family and Community Studies), business, and creative arts.
Every year, about 14,000 students take for-credit courses at Douglas, while a further 12,000 take short-term, non-credit courses for career or personnel development.
Douglas is also a popular choice for international students – every year, Douglas welcomes more than 1,000 students from China, South Korea, Japan and many other countries.
Accessibility is a source of pride. This means students with disabilities get the support they need to pursue their educational goals. It also means that Douglas welcomes mature students who need to upgrade their post-secondary skills. The College offers upgrading in reading, writing and mathematics plus learning and study skills.

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