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    #250-815 West Hastings St. Vancouver BC, V6C 1B4

    #220-111 Peter St, Toronto ON, M5V 2H1

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    Van: +1-604-688-7942
    Tor: +1-416-542-1626

Eurocentres since 1990, has maintained excellence in providing the highest quality of comprehensive instruction in English as a Second Language (ESL) to international students. We have successfully trained thousands of students from over 40 countries. Our reputation for providing quality education and meeting the highest standards, has led our former students to continue recommending Eurocentres Canada to their friends as great places to study English. In well-balanced classes with nationalities from all over the world, you will learn English and become comfortable interacting and communicating with individuals from various countries. With locations in Canada’s two most important cities, Eurocentres Vancouver and Eurocentres Toronto are the perfect places for your English immersion experience.

Our schools currently hold memberships in the following organizations: Languages Canada (LC), Association of Language Travel Organizations (ALTO), Teachers of English as an Additional Language (TEAL) and Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

We are proud to be a member in good standing of Languages Canada. All Languages Canada members, leaders in the Canadian language school industry, adhere to the highest internationally recognized standards in the areas of: curriculum, teacher qualifications, student services, student admissions, promotion, facilities and administration.

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