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    555 Richards St. Vancouver BC, V6B 2Z5
    443 University Ave, Toronto ON, M5G 2H6
    Suite 300, 410 Rue St-Nocolas, Montreal, QB, H2Y 2P5

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    Van: +1-604-689-9095

    Tor: +1-416-323-1770

    Mont: +1-514-876-4572

International Language Schools of Canada believes that you will be motivated to learn when learning things that personally interest you. The structure of a set curriculum combined with the flexibility to accommodate your own interests gives your language-learning the freedom to flourish.

Improving your language skills at ILSC is part of an amazing adventure! With our wide variety of course options and schedules, you can personalize your learning experience to suit your language level and satisfy your interests and goals.

Teachers at ILSC must have a university degree, a recognized Teaching Certificate and relevant teaching experience. All of our instructors are native-English or French speakers, and are carefully selected for their ability to motivate and inspire. Many teachers have years of experience teaching with ILSC’s student-centred methodology.

ILSC attracts students from around the world and is committed to maintaining a diverse student body – no single language group makes up the majority. At ILSC, you will experience a truly cross-cultural learning experience, and will make amazing friendships that will last a lifetime!

ILSC staff will welcome and support you, both inside and outside the classroom, from day one until you finish your studies. Our friendly Cultural Counsellors are here to help you with whatever personal or academic challenges you face, and will set you up for success!

An ILSC education is designed to maximize your language improvement and the ILSC Activities Program complements this perfectly. Our activities are available throughout the week and weekend, so there is never a dull moment, in or out of the classroom!

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