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Pera College  pursues excellence in educational services that it provides. Through creating an enjoyable, motivating, and high-tech learning environment, it is committed to delivering the highest quality services in English Language instruction and empowering its students to meet their language needs and thus communicating effectively in English and succeeding globally.

At PERA College we strive to bring an innovative research-based, research-driven approach to language teaching. This means that we believe that “A good teacher should be a good learner,” and will do our best to keep up with the latest findings in ESL teaching methodology, use these findings in our classes and make sure that our students get the best possible language education.

Moreover, we understand that learning a language is a very challenging process that at times can be very frustrating, and therefore we should be there for our students by offering ongoing motivation and support.

To put it differently, as professional language educators we believe that our students deserve the best service, and we intend to be exactly that language education provider that they are looking for, where language learning becomes an efficient and enjoyable life experience.

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