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    Suite 200, 605 Robson St, Vancouver BC, V6B 5J3
    West Suite 200, 150 Dundas St, Toronto ON, M5G 1C6

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    Van: +1-604-605-0220
    Tor: +1-416-929-4050

Saint George International College their students come from all over the world to immerse themselves in Canadian culture and improve their English and we make it our personal mission to ensure that the memories they will take home from their time here with us will last a lifetime.

We understand that in today’s world English is an important language and that’s why many students come to us to improve all aspects of their English ability – to build a better future for themselves. As a proud meber of Languges Canada, SGIC meets all industry standards for ESL schools — you can be sure that SGIC’s teaching and administrative staff take your education seriously. The whole team here at SGIC, from our teachers to staff and even fellow students, work together to make this a great school where learning is fun and your dreams can come true.

So have a look around here, and then come and visit us in person at one of our schools and you will see for yourself what makes SGIC so special. And don’t forget, if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask because we’re always here to help!

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