• Address

    #230-842 Thurlow St, Vancouver BC, V6E 1W2
    #301-4204 Village Square, Whistler BC, V0N 1B4
    #1402-2300 Yonge St. Toronto ON, M4P 1E4

  • Telephone

    Van: +1-604-899-4480
    Whis: +1-604-938-9843
    Tor: +1-416-485-4480

Tamwood International College was founded in 1992, Tamwood International College is a privately owned and operated company that operates a number of carefully designed and managed English language schools across Canada. Tamwood offers English language courses for adults ages 17-80. All of the Tamwood language schools in Canada have been selected for their excellent locations, their modern facilities, their proximity to popular attractions and their professional environments.

All of the language programs that Tamwood offers have been designed to combine the most modern learning techniques with interesting and stimulating subject matter thus making learning English at Tamwood both easy and enjoyable. Come to Canada for work experience and the experience of a lifetime! Depending on where you are from, you might be able to do our working holiday program, an internship or a work and study program. Three work and study programs are offered through Tamwood International College in Vancouver, Toronto and Whistler, and the Working Holiday and Internship programs are run through Tamwood’s subsidiary, GO International Work and Travel Providers.

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