• Price

    First Tax Return
    GST Tax Return 35$
    Income Tax Return 50$
    GST + Income Tax Return 80$

    2nd times or more

    GST + Income Tax Return 50$

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    S.Jun An, CGA

    Please come to UvanU office
    Feb 15th 2015 ~April 15th 2015

    His Office
    Burnaby BC V3J 1J7

Tax Return. We are a professional team to help with tax returns, including Canadian Residence, International students, visitors and other individuals. We are registered with the Canadian Revenue Agency in order to help our clients receive more accurate refund and more professional suggestions.

Tips: even if you are international students or visitors without any income, you can still get refund for your GST/PST money that is around $400. For students who took the academic college courses, the tuition can be claimed and saved as credits in order to offset the tax you will pay in the future when you have income. It means the tuition can help you get more money back if you claimed for the year. For more consultant, please send us an email jun@juntax.com

Tax return service for tax year of 2014:

Things you need to bring

  1. Bring your ID (passport, Driver’s license or BC ID) and your SIN or ITN
  2. Monthly Bus pass if applicable
  3. Your T slips such as T4, T5, T2202A (tuition form) prescription drugs or etc.

We charge from  $50 of each person, which includes one T slip, Monthly bus passes and GST &PST refund claim, each additional year T slip claim we charge separate.

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