Vancouver Film School (VFS)-BCIT Pathway Program

Do you want to have Diplomas in VFS Production AND in Business Management at the same time?


Vancouver Film School (VFS) – British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) Pathway Program is the answer! VFS and BCIT have partnered together to create a cross-institutional agreement where graduates from VFS can enroll to the BCIT’s School of Business. By the time you finish the entire Pathway Programs, you will obtain a VFS Production Diploma (Year 1), a BCIT Business Management Advanced Diploma (Year 2), and a Bachelor of Business Administration (Year 3).

Why choose VFS-BCIT Pathway Program?

VFS one-year programs will prepare you for rewarding careers in the entertainment arts. And should you wish to continue in pursuing a BBA, the VFS-BCIT Pathway will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to advance in your career, with an emphasis on management as well as strategic and critical thinking. International graduates of the VFS-BCIT Pathway program will be able to apply for a
Post-Graduate Work Permit. (PGWP)

VFS-BCIT Core Programs (for 2 year):

vfsVFS have 10 Core Programs, 1st year:

  • 3D Animation + Visual Effects Diploma
    Students work with mentors in a studio environment to become confident digital artists who are ready for production in the visual effects, game, and animation industries.
  • Acting for Film + Television Diploma
    This program will expose students to the crucial mentorships, proven techniques, and real-world demands needed to create confident, camera-savvy, and compassionate actors.
  • Animation + Concept Art Diploma
    This program sparks critical thinking and drives students to develop their artistic voice in a studio environment that encourages risk-taking, curiosity, and powerful communication.
  • Classical Animation Diploma
    Accomplished industry veterans mentor students as they develop comprehensive skills in traditional 2D animation and digital character creation.
  • Digital Design Diploma
    Digital Design produces design professionals who solve everyday problems and tell compelling stories in the digital realm through interactive and motion design.
  • Film Production Diploma
    This program follows an immense production cycle to produce filmmakers who have a full understanding of what it takes to succeed in the film and television industry.
  • Game Design Diploma
    Game Design exposes the next generation of game industry professionals to real-world production processes in a studio environment through the creation of fully playable games.
  • Programming for Games, Web + Mobile Diploma
    Students discover leading programming languages and toolsets, empowering their technical vision so they can make an impact in the rapidly growing games, web, and mobile industries.
  • Sound Design for Visual Media Diploma
    Sound Design teaches the techniques required for sound for film, television, and video games, transforming each student’s love for audio into heavily sought-after skills for the entertainment industry.
  • Writing for Film and Television Diploma
    This program immerses aspiring screenwriters in a rigorous workshopping environment where they develop a comprehensive writing portfolio, ranging from feature screenplays to sketch comedy and original plots.

BCIT Core Program, for 2nd year:bcit_logo

  • Business Management Advanced Diploma
    As the ‘’Executive Path’’ to a diploma in business, this program includes:
    – Management Accounting
    – Economics
    – Marketing
    – Law
    – Human Resources Management
    – Labour Relations
    – Business Systems Computer Software Applications
    These courses will give students an introduction to current business practices, preparing them to apply a disciplined and professional approach to management.

After you complete all the courses for the VFS-BCIT Pathway Program, you will be eligible to apply for a Post-Graduate Work Permit for up to 2 years.

You are also welcome if you want to continue to the 3rd year BCIT Degree Program, which is Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). The BCIT BBA is a degree program that offers essential upper-level business and general education and builds upon the BCIT Business Management Advanced Diploma. The degree emphasizes critical and strategic thinking and provides students the opportunity to be better prepared for career advancement by enhancing the skills developed in their diploma programs at BCIT and VFS.

Enrollment Requirements:

VFS Core Programs: 1st year

  • Application form
  • High school completion or equivalent
  • Copy of passport
  • Two reference letter, including at least one from an academic teacher
  • Program specific requirements on
  • TOEFL 80 (iBT) or IELTS Band 6.5 or VFS approved equivalent (some VFS programs have lower English proficiency requirements. For more information visit

BCIT Core Program: 2nd year

  • Successful completion of a VFS Core Program: 1st year with a GPA of 2.0/64.5% or higher and minimum 6.5 IELTS or approved equivalent

BCIT Degree Program: 3rd year

  • Successful completion of BCIT’s Business Management Advanced Diploma (70% overall), and 70% cumulative average in the following courses:
  • ECON 2200
  • COMM 3310
  • FMGT 5210
  • OPMT 5515
  • MKTG 4010

Intake Dates and Location:

To coordinate with BCIT’s start date for Business Management Advanced Diploma program which is in the Fall, the best dates to start VFS programs are the Spring and Summer terms. Full-time pathway programs are all located within short walking distance in the heart of downtown Vancouver.


For more information contact us at or WhatsApp! (ID: 1 604 618 5877) or check their website:


UVANU International




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