Pathway: your bridge to college / university

Are you planning to study in Canada but haven’t reached the English level needed yet?
A Pathway Program might be the right choice for you!

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Advanced English level 

Official English Exam

Low English level

English Pathway

Reach the English level required

No official English exam needed

Do I need to pass an official English exam?

For private colleges you won’t need an official exam: you can take their own placement test. However, exams are necessary for public colleges and universities. Official English exams are TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge, Pearson, etc.

Can I skip the official English exam?

Yes, once you have completed your Pathway program, you will meet the English language proficiency requirements and you will be ready to start the vocational or academic program of your choice.

What is a pathway?

The University/College Pathway is an academic language program that will allow you to improve your English and reach the necessary level to be accepted in multiple universities and colleges across Canada. A Pathway Program is the easiest way to gain entry to a university or college in Canada without taking an official proficiency exam.